Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services to Retain Members and Maximize Revenue

Enhance your business with our staff as an extension of your team by offering a comprehensive suite of member retention and customer services. This allows you to focus on increasing revenue and consolidates the number of platforms, partners, and providers you work with.

Drive Superior Operating Performance to Your Business

Go beyond processing payments with extra services that maximize your business potential.

Proven Processes

Our Contact Center handles administrative work so you can focus on the experience for your members

Automated Follow-Up

Collect more from your members with our processes on missed or failed payments

Member-Centric Solutions

We act quickly, offering customer-friendly options with the main goal of collecting payments while retaining your members
Recovery and Retention

We quickly implement rigorous, automated processes to follow-up on missed or failed member payments, including intricate touchpoints to the member, all handled by our Contact Center. 

  • Flexible payment plans can be negotiated to keep your customers and maximize your revenue
  • Payment collection rates are improved with our multi-channel process including email, automated call support, and SMS with a link for quick payment access

Member Services

Our dedicated, specialized team responds to member needs, offering flexible options to drive member satisfaction. This Contact Center handles all payment related queries and changes your customers may have. 

  • Contact Center support includes: 
    • Changes to personal billing details
    • Suspension requests
    • Contract term inquiries
    • Cancellation requests
    • Payment date adjustments


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