Integrated Payments Services

Our integrated payments services include both a full service solution, as well as a recently introduced gateway service. The TSG Solution encompasses Payment Processing, Customer Service, Credit Control / Customer Retention and Analytics, whereas our Gateway Solution handles Payment Processing only.

Reduce time spent on routine administration tasks.
Improve collection rates of payments.
Extend the average life of a member through improved collections.
Take advantage of leading edge payment and collection technology.
Payment Processing

We make the day-to-day needs of running your business, simpler. At TSG, our clients don't have to process payments, upload billing files or be involved in the administrative work of billing. TSG takes care of it all.

  • Any day, any frequency billing allows your members to choose when they are billed
  • We are Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant

Recovery, Retention, and Customer Service

We take our client's busines seriously. A priority for TSG is helping our clients increase their revenue. We have a rigorous process of follow up on any failed member payments, including multiple touchpoints to the member all handled by our Contact Center. In addition, our Contact Center handles all payment related queries and changes your customers may have. 

  • TSG negotiates flexible payment plans to retain your customers and maximize lifetime revenue
  • TSG improves collection rates with our multi-channel process that includes email, automated dialing support, and SMS service with an embedded link for quick access to arrange payment

Dashboards and Analytics

It's important to our clients to understand how their business is performing. With comprehensive dashboards and analytics readily available, TSG makes it easy. 

  • Dashboards can be set up by authority levels across our client's businesses 
  • An extensive set of data is available in the Dashboards, including: Customer account details, customers added/cancelled/suspended by date range, customers overdue, customers due to expire, and cancellations by reason