The Full Picture of Fully Integrated Gym Software Solutions (as featured in Club Solutions)

There is plenty of discussion around full integration — what it is, what it means and how it works. What is undoubtedly clear are the comprehensive benefits of full integration for gym software solutions.
  1. Make savings

With a fully integrated gym software solution, your team can focus on running a gym, as opposed to spending time on administrative tasks like processing suspensions at the front desk.

This type of solution means members can contact the billing provider direct, freeing up your team. It also syncs billing information automatically, improving accuracy and saving time and money.

  1. Ask the experts 

Some conversations can be difficult to have with members, particularly when discussing security and payments.

With a fully integrated gym software solution, those awkward conversations are looked after by the experts. What’s more, security is all taken care of.

  1. All about the members

By having an intuitive club management software fully integrated with billing, your team can focus on your members; improving their experience and ultimately increasing retention.

It’s a much simpler approach — all gym inquiries go to the gym and all billing queries go to the billing experts.

  1. Attention to detail

With a fully integrated system there is no time delay and no room for human error, meaning you can run reports as and when you need to.

The reality is a lack of accurate reports can lead to lost opportunities — with real-time reporting, you can respond accordingly. For example, you can approach members who are coming to the end of their contracts and sign them up for your latest specials.

  1. Keep in touch

A comprehensive gym software solution offers a full suite of correspondence tools, making it easier to stay in touch with your members either individually or en masse. It also means there’s no need to use any other software. In addition, communications can be tailored and follow-up activities tracked for ease of use.

When considering gym management software, the level of full integration is helpful to keep top of mind. This includes:

  • Fully integrated with billing — evaluate time and money that can be saved by using a club management software that syncs billing data in real time
  • Cloud based — can you access your software anytime, anywhere?
  • Scalability — will your software solution grow as your club does?

It’s about finding a solution that is responsive, innovative and service orientated, and works for your organization.