Xplor and QikKids merger forms Australia’s largest childcare software provider

Australian-founded software platform, Xplor has revealed its plans to disrupt the childcare sector, following the company’s unprecedented acquisition by Transaction Services Group, part of Advent International and owner of QikKids (QK Technologies).

19 April 2020, Melbourne – Australian-founded software platform, Xplor has revealed its plans to disrupt the childcare sector, following the company’s unprecedented acquisition by Transaction Services Group (TSG), part of Advent International – one of the largest private equity firms globally and owner of QikKids (QK Technologies).

Xplor’s founder and CEO Mark Woodland says the company’s fast-growing vision will be accelerated by the TSG acquisition.

“The underlying goal of Xplor is to automate administration for childcare operators so they can focus on what’s important; the child’s learning and development,” Mr Woodland said.

“The backing of TSG will help amplify our ability to shape and change how early education is delivered right across Australia. We’re now in a position to really challenge our nation’s broken childcare systems, strip back the roadblocks and put the child back at the forefront.”

Xplor has been driving the childcare software market, developing an all-in-one platform to simplify compliance, increase parent engagement and deliver the best education experience across the board, servicing more than 2,000 centres and 250,000 parents in the country with the most advanced administration platform on the market.

Mr Woodland says Australia’s current childcare education system is handicapping the way centres operate, creating a domino effect on early educators’ pay, centre occupancy, and children’s education.

The existing system has layer upon layer of administrative measures that must be followed, and this leads to a kind of indeterminate state for providers.

“If requirements, such as claiming rebates, enrolment, monitoring child attendance and learning journeys, maintaining child to educator ratios and more, could be streamlined, it allows more time to focus on developing the most beneficial education for children.

“There are a number of pieces of the puzzle that we can solve with technology.”

Under a bold new plan called Space, Xplor intends to introduce a new operating model that will ultimately deliver higher wagers to educators, better occupancy to Early Years Services, and cheaper childcare for families – with Australia’s childcare services currently ranked amongst the most expensive in the world.

The additional resourcing will also fortify Xplor’s existing platform and service: Home, Office and Playground which support the three most critical pillars of a child’s early development:

  • Home is a free parent’s app, a personalised system enabling parents to stay connected and engaged in their child’s daily learning, health and safety. Launched in February 2020, this is Xplor’s newest addition to its product line.
  • Playground is the free educator’s app, simplifying the rigid frameworks in order to make it easier for educators to program and plan a child’s learning, manage ratios, and document sleep, nutrition and health events.
  • Office is the highest rated Child Care Subsidy software, providing assistance with enrolment, managing attendance, CCS submissions, payment automation, occupancy management and more.


About Xplor

Officially launching in market in 2016, Xplor was invented to automate administration processes for childcare operators. The innovative platform is designed and committed to changing the way education is delivered by building technology to simplify the software services available to childcare providers. Xplor is available and accessible throughout Australia, servicing over 2,000 childcare centres including G8 Education, QLECS, Catholic Early EdCare, 250,000 parents and 120,000 children.


About Founder and CEO Mark Woodland

Mark Woodland is a thought-leader in the edu-tech space. After teaching himself how to code, Mark developed Xplor after working with his mother Faye, in childcare centres and experiencing first-hand the need for streamlined, customised technology in the education sector.

Mark’s personal focus is to empower educators, and to invigorate the industry as it transitions away from paper-based records. At the helm of Xplor Mark hopes to provide operators with information and support to save money and time, whilst providing quality outcomes in early childhood education.

Prior to Xplor, Mark served four years as an artillery gunner within the Royal Australian Artillery Corps, before being transferred to the Australian Psychology Corps, where he worked with soldiers returning from deployment.



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