Why TSG is an Invaluable Partner to Silver Bear Swim School

One of its products includes Links Modular Solutions, which combines software, access control and marketing for facilities of all kinds and sizes. Silver Bear Swim School is a great example. Here, owner Tim Hall shares his experience with the solutions TSG provides.

CS: How were you introduced to TSG products, and why did you choose TSG over other CMS and billing solutions?  

TH: We were first introduced to TSG and Links Modular Solutions when we joined as members of the United States Swim School Association. All the other experts we had talked to and who were in the industry for a while told us TSG’s solutions were the best and that we shouldn’t even consider using anyone else. They were absolutely correct. I would recommend TSG and continue to recommend them to any other new swim school to come into the business. In fact, we are just starting to franchise our business and we are insisting in our guidelines that they use Links Modular Solutions as their software.

CS: What are your favorite features of Links Modular Solutions? 

TH: Our favorite components of the Links Modular Solutions software is its flexibility with scheduling classes, moving kids around and allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible customer service. That means when our customers come in and need something done, we can always make it happen with Links. We also love the fact that Links is flexible enough to accommodate all of our customer service and marketing driven ideas and initiatives that we come up with as a company. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of new initiatives of customer service and marketing, and Links Modular Solutions is always able to accommodate.

CS: In what ways have your operations or business been improved by partnering with TSG? 

TH: Our operations and business has improved because we’ve been able to take any unique, creative ideas that we’ve come up with and implement them with the software. Furthermore, I can’t express how valuable the consulting, help and best practices that Links brings to us. This is not just about the software, but about our business overall. They have a wide range of experience, are always willing to share and always have time to find a solution to business problems that we might have related to our software.

In addition, their software really touches every aspect of our business in one way or another, and it allows our staff to efficiently and actively do what they need to do without having to go through a lot of hoops and extra work to get things done for themselves.

CS: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with TSG in any way? 

TH: It’s pleasant for us to be receiving the same level of customer service from Links Modular Solutions that we provide to our customers. In other words, they are as responsive and understanding and malleable as we try to be with our customers. Whenever we get a new batch of people trained and starting to work for us, we make sure they get to know the people on the Links side of the business on the phones because they are such a valuable resource. They are so personable, friendly and approachable for our people. This allows staff to not feel as if they are cast off on their own trying to solve IT problems — they always have a friend in Links.

CS: What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with TSG or the Links Modular Solutions product? 

TH: There is no more valuable of a vendor that we could recommend you be in touch with than Links Modular Solutions. Like I said, we require all of our franchisees to use the system and don’t know where we would be in our business without them.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning their billing and payments system that allows me to invoice all of my customers at one time is the most amazing, seamless element of their software. Without their software, I can’t imagine what I would have to do and all the work that would be involved to get my customers to all pay. I very rarely, if ever, get a complaint about billing my customers. It saves me tons of time and allows me to easily manage my cash flow and get my bills paid on the other end on time. I don’t know where I would be without Links Modular Solutions.