Whether your cinema business is large or a small, independent location, TSG can provide membership solutions to increase your revenue by maximizing loyal customers. 

Increase customer loyalty and maximize secondary spend

TSG provides an end to end cinema membership solution, from online joining to payment collections. Our online joining portal can be fully designed to match your existing website or we can link to your own pages seamlessly. We also integrate with the relevant software provider at the cinema and provide ongoing management of the membership with support from our customer service center. Payments are facilitated by card or recurring payments for greater flexibility and better retention. The opportunity to increase secondary spend is optimally when your existing customers are going through online joining, where they already in the spending state of mind. Key to this is the successful integration of TSG payments services with your customer management software.

Gain loyal customer insights

Offering memberships to your customers creates an opportunity to elevate insights from being purely transactional in nature, to rich insights from your most loyal customers' behavior. It is the seamless integration of payments services with your customer management software that can identify the opportunities to maximize revenue. TSG has strong relationships with a large number of different software providers, and our IT development is managed in-house so there is complete flexibility on what we can acheive with our clients.