Payment & Software Solutions That Drive Efficiencies and Revenue

TSG delivers configurable solutions for each of our clients' unique business needs. For more than 25 years we have been providing innovative Integrated Payments Solutions & Management Software for gyms, health clubs, and fitness professionals.

Business Management Software

Combined with your business management software, our payment solutions helps us to give you an effective member management experience and makes it easier to run a profitable business. We also make it easy for your members to manage their memberships and schedules.

Integrated Payments Solutions

Boost revenue with our membership billing payments platform, providing you with a single view of your members and the comfort that we are FCA authorised and comply with all major industry standards for security and consumer privacy.  You can focus on keeping cash flow on track, members engaged, and revenue growing. 

Value-Added Services

Drive growth and efficiency throughout your business, no matter its size. Large enterprises, boutique fitness studios, and independent clubs each receive support to focus on revenue. We use proven processes to pursue overdue payments and collections. Our end-to-end solutions deliver exceptional service to your members, allowing you to focus on your passion.

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